Umpiring at Waverley District Netball Association has many advantages for you such as:

  • getting to meet new friends
  • keeping active
  • gaining a better understanding of the rules
  • raising the standard of the game, and
  • getting paid while you are umpiring
  • For our new umpires (minimum 14 years old), we have senior supervisors and umpire coaches that will help you along the way and for our more experienced umpires; when you are ready, we will help you achieve your C Badge.

The dress code for umpires is ‘all white’ or you can purchase black WDNA leggings from our shop. We do provide ‘on the day jackets’ for our new and younger umpires so that the players and spectators are aware you are still learning.

All umpires are required to complete an Australian Taxation Office Hobby Form (Statement of Supplier form). This is completed online when we send you the active umpire link to complete.

All umpires must be double vaccinated against COVID-19.

If you have any questions or require any further information on umpiring at WDNA, please contact us at [email protected]

Umpiring at WDNA

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WDNA Umpire Pathway
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Umpiring Forms

ATO Hobby Form
Online Umpire Theory Exam
EFT Payment Form

New to WDNA Umpires

Please complete the WDNA Beginner Umpire Program – Expressions of Interest form (if the registrations are not open) here. We will email you when the next registrations open up.  If you are currently umpiring elsewhere and would like to join the WDNA umpire group, please email [email protected] with your umpire history and contact information.

Beginner Umpires

WDNA has a very successful Beginner Umpire Program. Each year we take on new umpires and work closely with them to teach the skills needed to become a confident and competent umpire.

The program involves two weeks of theory, followed by four weeks of theory plus working side by side with umpire mentors, And finally, moving on to independently umpiring their side of the court, with the support of umpire coaches.

Beginner Umpire Registration

Our Beginner Umpire Program is open to new umpires aged 14 years old by the time of the Beginner Umpire Assessment session.

Before you complete your registration, please ensure you will be available for:

Beginner Umpire Assessment – This session will be held on the advertised day and session time at the WDNA courts. A parent is to attend the first half-hour for the information session and the final 15 minutes as we wrap up the session.

Weeks one and two (weeknight) – When you commence the Beginner Umpire Course, your off-court sessions are held on Friday evenings between 5 pm and 7 pm in the WDNA pavilion.

Weeks three to six (Saturdays)
– You will have your first off-court session at 10:07 am, then you will be on the court with your mentor for the 10:53 am round. Your second off-court session will be during the 11:39 am round.

As umpires develop at their own pace, our course is designed to cater to this. Week seven onwards will still include morning off-court sessions and umpiring.

Please wear a white top and you will need a whistle for the assessment session. Whistles are available from our shop here.

If you are successful in gaining a position in the beginner umpire course, you will need to complete the Rules in Netball Theory exam and email your results to [email protected] before you commence. Please click here to review the process.

Important dates for the 2022 Beginner umpire programs.

Event Program 1 Program 2 Program 3
Registrations open 28/12/2021 01/04/2022 01/07/2022
Assessment day 12/02/2022 15/05/2022 14/08/2022
Program starts 18/02/2022 20/05/2022 19/08/2022
On-court umpiring starts 26/02/2022 28/05/2022 27/08/2022

Once the formal part of the program is complete (program ends), you will continue to receive coaching each week as we work towards progressing through the umpire pathway.

To register, go to

Visit the Netball Victoria website to find out about:
Umpire Accreditation
Umpire Education
Level 1 Umpire Course
Umpire Resources