Netball Victoria Membership 

To play at WDNA you need to have a current Netball Victoria Membership (previously known as VNA) before you take court.
Don’t risk your team losing four points by not being registered.

Club Members
If you are part of a Club at WDNA you need to contact your club for their registration link.

Independent Teams / Individuals
This form is for anyone who is part of an independent team or is having difficulty processing their NV Membership through their club.
To purchase your NV Membership click here.

Single Game Voucher 
To purchase a Day Membership Pass (SGV Single Game Voucher), click here.

Once you are registered with Netball Connect you will be guided through the system to select the correct  Membership Details. Then proceed through to the end of the form and submit your membership.

This is for one time use and if you intend to play a number of games you are better off purchasing full NV Membership via the above link.

SGV’s are not accepted during finals games. All players competing in any finals games at WDNA must have current NV Membership registration with their registered team.

These passes are no longer available for purchase from the Control Box.