WDNA offers to all Clubs that provide additional assistance (above the compulsory Saturday Control Box duties) with the running of the Saturday competition, opportunity to raise funds by holding a sausage sizzle at the Saturday competition.

Examples of providing additional assistance:
· having active members on the WDNA committee, or
· attending any scheduled working bees

For Clubs that are eligible to apply for a sausage sizzle week, we supply the BBQ, trestle tables & a large esky for storing the sausages etc.

Everything else (including gas bottle) needs to be supplied by the Club holding the fund raiser.

Please note;
· Our representative teams hold more than one sausage sizzle per season
· Short notice cancellations are offered to the Representative teams first

The Club holding the sausage sizzle is responsible for cleaning the BBQ and trestle tables at the end of the day and putting away.

Cost: $25 per sausage sizzle (to cover the cost of the BBQ) payable before cooking commences
Cleaning deposit: A fully refundable $50 deposit is required before cooking commences. The refund is dependent on the BBQ and WDNA supplied equipment being cleaned properly and returned to storage.

If you are interested in holding a fund raiser sausage sizzle, please email us at wdnanetball@gmail.com or come up to the Control Box on a Saturday.