Court Booking

From: $10.00

The WDNA courts can be booked throughout the day/evening except for Saturday’s when our competition is running. All bookings include access to toilets, post protectors and lights if necessary.

For all day bookings or to book all 12 courts please email

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The conditions of use include:
1. The user will be responsible for collection of keys from a nominated address on the day of booking.
2. The user will be responsible to open and lock toilets and remove all rubbish on completion of use.
3. The user will be responsible for putting post protectors on all courts being used, and remove at the end of booking.
4. The User will be responsible for ensuring the pavilion is left clean (if applicable) on completion of use.
5. The User will be responsible for ensuring the area around the grounds is left clean of all rubbish and equipment on completion of use.
6. The User will be responsible for the return of all keys to the nominated address at the completion of use.
8. The contact person and anyone else associated with you will, during the Period of Use, maintain careful supervision of the persons using the courts and will report any damage, loss or breakage to the WDNA Committee.
9. No markings such as chalk are to be used on the court area.
10. No gum is allowed anywhere on the premises.
11. Stiletto high heal shoes are not to be worn on the court area.

Court fees are based on peak and off-peak times:

Peak          Weekdays 3:00pm – 9:00pm and all weekend
Off-Peak    Weekdays 9.00am – 3.00pm

* Fees for clubs and teams that play in WDNA Saturday competition.
   Peak          $15 per hour per court
   Off-Peak   $5 per hour per court
   Book courts using your unique code to access these rates. Without the code full rates will be charged.

* For clubs, teams and other users not part of the WDNA Saturday competition court rates are:
   Peak          $25 per hour per court
   Off-Peak   $15 per hour per court

$50 for cleaning & removal or rubbish in toilets if required
$50 for cleaning & removal of rubbish around court area if required